APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)

APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)


Are you in need of a solution to all your engineering problems? APEC has got your back as we provide mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and sustainable building systems engineering services.  Our company is one of the leading companies located in California. We are well known to specialize in various domains such as commercial, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, entertainment, and tenant improvement sectors.

We have been involved in a number of engineering projects, such as those involving engineering and maintenance of mechanical, plumbing and electrical infrastructure for various building types. You’ll find us to be more than capable at handling any sort of project that might come our way. The way that we handle these projects is what makes us stand apart from the rest.

Our main focus is to provide our clients with exclusive services of engineering and technology. We focus on all points and instructions mentioned by you to give you your desired results. This was set in stone when the company was founded by Bashar Madani and those words have continued to guide the company from strength to strength.

Bashar Madani is the founder and Principal of Advanced Professional Engineering Consultants, Inc. He has been involved with many prestigious clients and institutions. For instance, commercial, hospitals, collaborations with reputable architects is our legacy. As a result, APEC feels highly pleased to be playing its role in the promotion of the world towards the era of technology.

We understand the importance of professionalism and seek to deliver that with every project. That doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten what it’s like to be on the other end of the spectrum. That’s why all of our clients are treated equally and get the same standard each time.


The service APEC provides is varied on wide ranges. We provide consultations in regards to engineering for Commercial, Industrial and Pharmaceutical/Healthcare market segments. We believe that something is only worth doing if it is done right. That’s basically the reason for our stellar customer feedback.

We keep an eye on providing all types of services that fall under engineering. Our team is made up of diverse individuals that have one thing in common; they are the best at what they do. That is why we are able to offer the quality of service that we do now.

Our services vary in a number of ways and are divided into different genres.

3)Air Conditioning
4)Central Plant System Design
5)Building Systems Analysis
6)Feasibility Studies/Reports
7)Clean Rooms Design
8)Laboratory Design
9)Building Automation & Controls    (EMS/BMS)


Process piping is used for converting raw materials like liquids, chemicals, gases, omskadedjur.se into products which get used. We are here to help you with all this. Pipe systems for liquids and gases get utilized for the process of heating and cooling which can leave them vulnerable to damage and disrepair.

Most of our plumbing services are geared towards solving that problem. This includes the procedures of  installation, repair, and maintenance of any type of system which can transfer various sort of liquids. These kinds of systems range from water pipes to drainage, which gets utilized for waste disposal and for the delivery of water. We are here to help you in all these regards.

1)Domestic Water Systems
2)Drainage Waste and Vent Systems
3)Storm Drainage Systems
4)Commercial Kitchen Plumbing
5)Grease Waste Systems
6)Natural Gas Systems
7)Process Piping Systems
8)Laboratory Waste Collection
9)Treatment Systems
10)Laboratory Compressed Air and   Vacuum Systems
11)Laboratory Gas Distribution
12)Water Treatment
14)DI Water System


Our electrical services refer to service, repair, installation, and robust maintenance of electrical gadgets. We are perfectly used to working at industrial, commercial, and domestic levels.
We provide all the below-mentioned services;

1) Power Distribution
3) Standby Power Systems
4) Lighting Design
5) Feasibility Studies


Our sustainability services are offered according to the requirements of customers. These services are largely focused on improving the social performance of their environment along with the quality of life improvements in contrast with competing or conventional offerings.

We as a species have grown and become more aware of the impact that we have on our environment. That has led to large institutions taking responsibility and has led to the creation of the subject of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). That is what we seek to address with this service. We want to make sure that your corporation is as sustainable as possible and doesn’t leave behind too big of a carbon footprint. As such, we offer all of the following services;

1)Computer Modeling
2)LEED® Certification
3)Energy Compliance Forms
4)Thermal Energy Storage
5)Energy Management Systems
6)Energy Audits & Retrofits
7)Fundamental and Enhanced commissioning for LEED Certification



Our due diligence services include the investigation of certain strong investments for the confirmation of each and every factual point. It could be the assessing of financial records, or anything else. This all refers to our main objects which are mentioned below;

1) Building Systems Evaluation
2)Life Cycle Cost Analysis
3)Energy Performance Evaluation
4)Energy Audits & Retrofit


Our consultation services include innovate and insightful feedback that can actually help your business in a tangible way. Consultation refers to every suggestion and mentioning of any requirement in one’s project or organization. Our professionals dig deep to ensure that you actually benefit from their advice. Our consultation services include:

1) Feasibility Analysis
2) Master Planning
3) Service Program
4) Strategic Planning
5) System Reliability Assessments


As every organization includes their own specialized services, here we are specialized in below mention areas of working.

2)Sustainable Design
3)System Audits, Surveys and Studies
4)Construction Administration


We also offer the following commissioning services as per the request of our clients.

1)Existing Building Commissioning
2)Ongoing Commissioning
3)Energy Audit – ASHRAE Level 1, 2 and 3



One of our most successful projects includes the construction of a modern office complex located in the commercial area of the city of Irvine. This included the installation of a high-efficiency air conditioning system as well as a state-of-the-art plumbing system. To this date, our clients are highly satisfied. To specify, the building ranges from 5,000 to 9,000 SF.


The SCAQMB requirements set forth for us were successfully met by our highly innovative designs with efficient and effective design of boiler plants. Moreover, the increased steam system capacity meets Neutrogena’s requirements. Our expert team came up with a four-stage steam boiler, DA tank, feed water tank, heat exchangers, water heaters and a well-established pumping system. This resulted in meeting all of the requirements to a T. In order to decrease the obstacles coming in the way of Neutrogena’s operation, our team derived a unique strategy. A skid had been built and it successfully became operational to be shipped to the site for speedy replacement and installation.


It was highly crucial for Neutrogena to be equipped with a new pH neutralization system and our expert team provided it to them in 2013. We provided them state-of-the-art commissioning facilities. This allowed them to successfully meet the validation requirement and also match the GDP of Johnson & Johnson Company.


A palm desert which attracts the attention of the tourists, they especially come to view its mesmerizing view. The construction project required efficient, recycled, and rapidly renewable materials which have a unique amiable standard for construction in the California desert. The efficient installation of the system from our end has done great wonders. The 8,200square-foot building utilizes 40% less electricity which is a bonus as it will not surge up the expenses of the company. Bearing in mind where the center is located, a drought-tolerant landscape has been set up. This again uses half of the water required in a conventional building. The structure proved to be so successful that the center was applauded with a Silver Certificate from the US Green Building Council Leadership. The program was part of the Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.


We were quite content to complete the mechanical and plumbing design for the North Anaheim Industrial Park with more than 289,600 SF of the building space. This work required relentless effort from our staff. The site was located on approximately 643,167 SF site making it a difficult project. All in all, we successfully built 37 contemporary industrial building in two phases.


Located in the marvelous City of Oceanside, a complete design of 14 industrial buildings built in the truly magnificent 190 and 140 SF area. The building was constructed in a unique way by making great improvements in the front office and also the availability of a mezzanine office.


APEC once again proved its expertise in the packing industry by providing a brand new design for the well-reputed column packing laboratory. It was an issue with the air system that was causing problems. Hence, we installed a variable air volume fume hood, a fully compressed redesigned air system. A well-equipped unique hot oil system relying solely on outside air was also installed. Moreover, a variable air volume and FRP ducts for a proper laboratory environment were also installed.


Conducting work in a retail and residential building located in the highly reputable Culver City is a four-story one of its kind building. With 19 new residential units present on the second, third and fourth floors. Also, the design consisted of a one-story spacious parking area and numerous spaces viable on the first floor.


A three-story building with two-story parking was built. It is located in the new medical shell office building. Marking Avenue is well-known in San Fernando in the city of Mission Hills.


A two multi-level office building was constructed with fine tenant improvement. It is located near Orange Country’s Irvine Spectrum. The project was backed by an efficient HVAC system.


A lot of effort was put into this project. This resulted in the construction of classrooms, offices, and music instruction rooms. Not to forget, the amphitheater was built marvelously. It included not only a stage but accent lighting.


Mechanical and plumbing designs were provided to several stores. These locations included San Diego and Orange Country. Not a very large mechanical engineering plan was required. This was because there was complexity in each store’s needs. The needs included spilled system, exhaust fans, air handling units, roof-mounted gas, and electric units.


In this project, an HVAC system was included. 23,000 SF Medical Office building of complete tenant was improved. In the system, the air volume system, controls, operation rooms, and server room were set up to ensure proper control and regulation.


Equinox is a name known to all. This company nails everything they do in their prestigious locations. These locations include but are not limited to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica locations. We were fortunate to work with them on a private project that required quite a bit of ingenuity on our part.




LEED Design refers to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design; it is the top certification for green building programs and is used all over the globe. It encompasses all matters of for the building. Whether it is construction, maintenance, home, design, or operation, everything comes under this.

APEC is one of those industries which are highly concerned about taking care of the environment and not polluting it. We sincerely believe in protecting this world for future generations. It is due to this vision that we create environmentally sustainable buildings and bear in mind the needs of our clients.

LEED is one of our very popular programs with a mission of providing highly efficient and effective green buildings. In order to bring this to reality, environment standards must be complied with. Creating a greener tomorrow is our slogan and what we sincerely strive for.

APEC is open to all types of suggestions from your end in order to build a greener world together. For this cause, the company’s founder, Bashar Madani will be more than happy to entertain ideas. Creating an environment-friendly globe is our responsibility and one must not be reluctant to call APEC for suggestions. Our experts welcome you to call them and increase knowledge about LEED and the ways APEC can prove to be a blessing for designing a sustainable MEP system.


APEC is an expert in almost every engineering genre but provides a vast array of services in commissioning. These include but are not limited to HVAC system commissioning, existing building commissioning, retro-commissioning, energy audit, and building submittals commissioning documentation, LEED certification commissioning for fundamental prerequisite and enhanced commissioning credit. Some other types of commissioning are as follows:

  1. Owner’s Project Requirements.
    2. Basis of Design.
    3. Commissioning measures shown in the construction documents.
    4. Commissioning Plan.
    5. Functional Performance Testing.
    6. Documentation & Training.
    7. Commissioning Report.


It is APEC’s responsibility to look after the entire building’s system which includes the following

  • Building envelope
  • Technology infrastructure
  • Alarm
  • Paging or alert notification systems
  • Audio/visual presentation systems
  • Any other operating system within the building.

In a nutshell, APEC is responsible for making sure nothing gets in the way to affect building performance, resident’s comfort or user services within a building. These are part of the entire process of Building Commissioning.


Being well recognized in this field, APEC has a systematic approach allowing its clients to achieve their sustainability-related goals. APEC holds a great history of managing several LEED projects which results in it being well known in the field. Due to this, APEC is well aware of LEED As we have managed a number of projects relating to LEED, all the clients’ requirements are met from the process of certification to identification. Most businesses know what they are doing but all they need is some support and expert advice. For this purpose, APEC holds the responsibility of aligning a business’s goals to its objectives.


In order to stick to its words, a comprehensive audit is conducted to make sure that every service provided and installed is up to the mark. The audit is conducted of hydraulic, mechanical/HVAC, electrical, fire and control systems. The audit not only satisfies APEC but also provides comfort to clients who have invested a hefty amount to make their dreams come true. The audit involves conducting multiple assessments of operational, design or mechanical/electrical/control to make sure none of them has compromised on the performance of the building services.


APEC makes sure that it strictly follows the guidelines and not deviates from the actual scope of the project. These standards and guidelines have been set by the new California Building Code, referred to as CALGreen. This also has the requirement of commissioning of new non-residential building construction. It is a must that new buildings have the obligation to utilize environmentally advanced building practices. His significantly drops down the waste, declines the water consumption and makes the indoor environmental quality better. This sheds light on the conservation of resources.


Design experience and operational experience also falls in the domain of APEC as it truly believes that it has the responsibility of reviewing operations of systems that have been installed. Take the example of control sequences, TAB reports, design drawings, etc. APEC is also an expert when it comes to recognizing inconsistencies, problem areas, and energy-saving opportunities.



To surge the possibility of a building when meeting the energy performance goals, ENERGY STAR is doing its job so well. The architects work day and night to make sure that all the requirements of the client are met. Achieving goals is what really matters and satisfying clients is the key to the success of every business.


Audits are key aspects for maintaining good relationships with clients as it increases their trust factor. The ASHRAE Level I and II Audits are crucial for fulfilling the requirements set by LEED EB O&M. these are extremely popular as they are well known for getting clients’ trust. APEC takes pride in performing audits and has been doing it for a couple of years.

We focus on all the requirement of our customers and try to reach all those and make our customer satisfy.


APEC makes sure that it never crosses the line of dissatisfaction. For this reason, it has hired highly qualified engineers with vast experiences in their respective fields. It is needless to say that they are licensed through the National Council for Examiners and Engineers (NCEES) and in the states, namely, California, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.

Advanced Professional Engineering Consultants is holding great significance in being a member of the aforementioned engineering organizations:

  • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
  • National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE)
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  • International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO)
  • International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO)
  • International Society of Pharmaceuticals Engineers (ISPE)
  • The American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE)
  • US Green Building Council (USGBC)
  • Building Commissioning Association (BCA)


APEC is an organization giving individual great career opportunities along with higher range of income. But apart from this, as it is doing their best they need all the best employees for their work. All the individuals applying for their career opportunities should keep clearly in mind that they will be asking you to give your very best. You will be working in a flexible environment but still, you have to be professional and competent to your work.

It will be a great opportunity for you to work under expert professionals. You can anytime get guidance and instructions about your work, but bear in mind to be consistent.


The engineer required must comply with the conditions of having work experience of 3-8 years. This experience must be in HVAC or Plumbing Systems Design. The requirement for this is so that the engineer is already aware of commercial, industrial, educational, and institutional organizations and the facilities provided there. APEC ensures extensive involvement in the project of the incumbent and assures massive room for professional growth for the person willing to work and learn. Moreover, B.S.M.E. is required but P.E. will be given preference.


A 3-5 years-experienced engineer who has already been a part of the commercial, healthcare, and laboratory projects is required. The incumbent must also have 2-3 years of HVAC/Plumbing drafting experience as it will be given preference over others.

Also, a design engineer who is responsible for helping out in and making sure that the design of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems are adequately done is required. The individual is expected to have knowledge of drafting, planning preparation, energy, and design calculations.

B.S.M.E concentrating on heat transfers, also in thermodynamics but not limited to fluid mechanics. It is a must for the candidate to have proficient AutoCAD drafting skills. In order to succeed in the highly dynamic environment of APEC, good oral and written communication skills are a must and cannot be compromised upon.


An electrical engineer with 5 years of work experience in consulting engineering, engineering/architectural firm designing electrical systems for facilities/buildings. For this candidate to pass the initial test, experience in educational or industrial is a must as it requires working in a high-tech facility environment which will be considered a bonus.

Bachelor’s Degree in electrical engineering is one of the basic requirements and along with it other skills are important. This includes strong interpersonal skills in the candidate so that communication can be made easy.


The incumbent must possess 2-3 years of work experience as an MEP CADD drafter.

Strong interpersonal skills are crucial for the candidate to satisfy this job. The ability to communicate effectively and effectively with people so their ideas can be understood because some clients find it difficult to explain their point of view. Hence, oral and writing skills are key in order for the individual to be successful in this job.

To reward the prospective employee, a few perks are offered. For instance, provision of health care services, dental and life insurance, vacation time, holidays and personal time off.

If you are of the opinion that the descriptions mentioned above are in line with your qualifications so do not forget to submit your resume, along with strong references, and salary history to further aid the organization in better taking decisions.

We can easily be approached at (Email)


Contacting us will never be a pain in the neck for you as our highly supportive staff is extremely amiable and is willing to solve every query from your end.

We can be approached through the following address:


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